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Social Enterprise Associates provides extensive business related skills and deep industry knowledge to ensure high impact to your undertaking. We specialize in New Ventures, Socially Responsible Businesses, Microfinance Institutions, and Non-Profit Earned Income Strategies. Our emphasis is to rapidly (and economically) provide key value-added solutions to satisfy your organization's needs.

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Raise Money: Social Enterprise Associates works to provide businesses, nonprofits, and special purpose organizations working capital to start or grow. More information

Client Highlights

Santa Fe Greenhouse Grocery
Supporting community-based coop with feasibility study
Native Learning Center:
Providing nine webinars focused on empowering sovereign communities

Future of Fish
Crowdfunding research for sustainable fisheries

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Consultant Roster

Social Enterprise Associates Consultant Roster Available! This list of vetted consultants is available to address a wide range of development and social enterprise needs. Collectively, roster consultants offer 100s of years experience, having worked in more than 60 countries on every continent.

All personnel are screened for quality and professionalism offering extensive work in social, community, environmental, and financial betterment.

VIEW our core competencies and sample engagements. CLICK HERE to request the Social Enterprise Associates' Consultant Roster.

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Native Learning Center Webinar: Strategic Planning for Housing

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We help businesses and nonprofits to access the capital they need to grow.

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See how entrepreneurs and communities are leveraging the power of the marketplace for betterment. Get inspired & get to work!

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Using the power of business to solve social
and environmental problems.