Microfinance: Capital Markets

World Food Programme's Private Sector Partnership and Fundraising Strategy (PDF) - This evaluation assessed the quality and results of the WFP private-sector partnership and fundraising strategy, how results were achieved, and how WFP's approach could be improved.

Measuring and Marketing Measurement (PDF) - ReVisioning Value Conference presentation from Social Enterprise Associates, with details about the SEEP Network's Financial Reporting Standards, Microfinance Social Performance and Social Return on Investment (SROI).

Selecting Mobile ICT Devices for Agriculture Services and Applications(SITE)
The Social Enterprise Associates led paper compares use of ICT-enabled devices, & their value to access information in sub-Saharan Africa.
USAID After Hours & MFI Reporting Standards Online Discussion Proceedings (WEB) and Presentation (PDF) - Proceedings from an online Speaker's Corner discussion for MFI Reporting Standards and presentation from USAID After Hours event on the same topic for microfinance stakeholders on the new savings & capital adequacy ratios to be added to what is known as the Framework or Consensus Guidelines.
Models of Finacial Business (PDF) - Authored by Drew Tulchin on behalf of Chemonics International. This paper looks at leading practices in the profitable delivery of financial business services to SMEs in several countries with the goal of applying those lessons to promote SME sector growth in South Africa.
Social Enterprise Associates presented April 16, 2009, at the Social Enterprise Alliance Summit. See the presentation: Banks & Social Enterprises - Best Practices & Case Studies (PDF) and supplemental materials: Top 10 List For Social Enterprises to work with Banks (PDF) and 5 C's of Credit (PDF).


Also presenting was Calvert Fountation on the First Book Case Study (PDF), Oweesta with Bank Investments in Native Communities (PDF), and Mercy Housing and Human Development on hurricane affected Mississippi.
The Business Case for Microfinance Investment (PDF) - A short treatise exploring the challenges from a business proposition for the microfinance industry to increase private capital investment in microfinance.
Case for Private Capital Market Creation in the Development Field of Microfinance (PDF) – Brief on microfinance and private capital markets co-authored with David Satterthwaite, MicroCapital Institute.
Linking Microfinance to Capital Markets (Powerpoint, this is a large file, download times may vary) – Presentation given at BYU’s 6th Annual Microenterprise Conference. It corresponds to Emerging Topics Paper #5, click here for that link.
Microfinance New Loan Product Development Brief (PDF)– Outline of new microfinance products contributed to development.
SEEP Presentation on Foreign Currency Issues and Microfinance (PDF) - Corresponding PowerPoint presentation to Note #13.
SEEP Progress Note #13, Five Strategies to Minimize Foreign Exchange Risk for Microfinance Institutions (PDF) - Co-authored by Grameen Foundation USA and Women''s World Banking.  There has been extensive growth in international lending to MFIs increasing foreign exchange risk to MFIs.  As microfinance managers seek to finance their future business plans, this Progress Note offers five suggestions on how to best minimize or manage this risk.
Microfinance Reporting Standards Initiative – Business Models (PDF).  Review of business models in standards organizations and what the microfinance industry can apply for its own standards efforts.
Microfinance Reporting Standards Industry Survey Summary (PDF).  SEEP Network initiative which surveyed microfinance industry stakeholders on industry financial reporting standards.
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