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Nonprofit Webinars: Beyond Fundraising
This seminar explores a range of options for funding: external in the marketplace, internal within an organization, new ideas and classics not to overlook.

Finding Money For Your Business: Often Overlooked Options
Published in Investor's Circle to highlight cash turnover solutions for capital.

University of Maryland's 5th Annual Social Enterprise Symposium: “Here and Now" - Drew Tulchin presented on an Introduction to Social Enterprise (PDF) and Investing For Social Enterprise (PDF)
ONABEN event for the NWAF Social Enterprise Initiative - Social Enterprise Associates presented on Measuring Change: Techniques and Best Practices for Measuring and Describing the Difference You Are Making in Your Community (PDF)
Social Enterprise Associates contributed to Confluence Philanthropy's continuing webinar series, Doubling Philanthropic Impact: Cash & Below Market Rate Vehicles.

Check out the presentation (PDF)

Social Enterprise Associates continues to be featured in Green Fire Times which spotlights initiatives that create positive impact on climate change, energy independence, and green job development in New Mexico and beyond.

What is crowd funding and is it right for your fundraising? (SITE): Check out our article on the basics featured in Investors' Circle Newsletter.
AEO National Conference 2011 - New Sources of Capital & Alternative Paths to Sustainability (PDF)
This conference workshop, provided by Social Enterprise Associates, discussed pathways to accessing new sources of capital, increasing organizational financial self-sufficiency, and achieving greater sustainability. See also the supplemental handout (PDF) and Anne O'malley's info worksheet on non-profit income streams (PDF)

Social Enterprise Associates presented at the 2011 Revisioning Value Conference in Portland, OR. Check out the presentations here:

1. Social Enterprises & New Ways to Raise Money (PDF) - Presentation by Drew Tulchin, discussing mission-related social enterprise, and how non-profits are exploring their new structural boundaries. Also presented by Amy Pearl: "Enabling people to solve local challenges with innovative, sustainable solutions." (PDF)

2. Social & Environmental Metrics: How (& why) to integrate them into your venture (forprofit or NGO) (PDF) - As corporations of all stripes seek new sources of capital and growth, they must express their return and value created. This presentation discusses how to understand and integrate such information into planning, decision-making, and marketing social businesses and non-profits. Also presented by Franklin Jones: B-Line: Sustainable Urban Delivery (PDF)
A Path Forward For Northern New Mexico's Agricultural
Economic Cluster
(PDF) - Study in Northern New Mexico on how to improve local agriculture and increase food security for Regional Development Corporation (RDC)/ REDI program.
Alternative Capital For Credit Unions (PDF) - This paper discusses member paid-in capital, non-member paid-in capital, and subordinated debt as options available to low-income credit unions for income.
Social Return on Investment (SROI): A Case Study in Health (PDF) - Social Enterprise Alliance Summit presentation from Social Enterprise Associates and SVT Group, detailing the Nemours SROI project and the use of impact measurement, relative to investment measurement.
Municipal Revolving Loan Funds (PDF) - This document outlines Social Enterprise Associate's findings from informal field research on behavior and qualities of Municipal Revolving Loan Funds (RLFs).
The 5 C's of Credit and Accessing Finance for Small Business (PDF) - Information on how to get a small business loan in today's difficult lending climate.
Facilitating Social Betterment with Business (PDF) - A Presentation and Conversation with Drew Tulchin for Santa Fe Alliance on using business for broader social impact in the community - Including L3Cs, B-Corporations, and more.
How to Work with Faith-Based Investors, A Primer for Social Enterpreneurs (PDF) - This short, informative piece explains who are faith-based investors, how they work, why they are important for social entrepreneurs, and what is needed to work with them.
Earned Income Strategies – Where to Start? (PDF) - A step-by-step guide to developing your organization’s new social enterprise.
Social Benefit Analysis & Social Return – An Introductory Reader (PDF) - Authored with Prisma Microfinance, this document provides an introduction to an emerging topic in Non-profit Social Enterprise and measurement examples of Social Return.

Building Better Financials, presentation at the 5th National Gathering of Social Enterpreneurs by Drew Tulchin & Micheal Whitehead-Bust, Foxhall Consulting Services.  An interactive session using examples from existing social enterprises to teach effective pro-forma financial development to assist in managerial decision making, as well as in presentation for business plans, proposals, and other external audiences. Conference materials available are: presentation PowerPoint (download PowerPoint or view it online), and financial excel model (Warning: it uses macros, so you must enable them)

Top 10 List for Healthy Small Businesses (+ 1 for Green Businesses in Santa Fe, NM) (PDF) With thanks to Guy Kawasaka, formerly the Evangelist at Apple and now head of, here is a list of 10 (+1) recommendations for healthier small businesses.
Guide for Social Responsible Investment (SRI) and Community Investment (CI) (PDF) is a merged Powerpoint of presentations provided to Whitman College’s Whitman Investment Corporation, Walla Walla, WA, Friday, October 24, 2008.
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