Tip Sheets

Tip Sheet #13: Introducing the Quadruple Bottom Line (QBL) (PDF) Four bottom lines better address growing need to embrace indigenous, religious, and community based work.
Tip Sheet #12: Non-Profit Earned Income Strategies – Where to Start? (PDF) This introductory guide assists an organization, its leaders and staff to tackle social enterprise, forming a sequence of steps, and an action plan.

Tip Sheet #11: Business Plan Outline for Social Enterprises (PDF) Create a meaningful business plan to identify your goals, document your direction, and engage your stakeholders.

Tip Sheet #10: Surfing the Crowd Funding Wave, Is it Right for Your Effort? (PDF) Originally posted in the November 2011 Investors' Circle Newsletter to help evaluate if this alternative source for capital can help grow & sustain good causes.
Tip Sheet #9: Resources for Scaling Up Social Enterprises (PDF): Highlighting the use of networking organizations, financing entities, and academic programs to successfully scale up social enterprises.

Incorporating Your Business: Co-Authored with the University of Michigan Law School International Transaction Clinic, this series explains the legal documentation to register your company.

Tip Sheets:

#8: Biggest Concerns for Foreign Investment in the US (PDF)

#7: Commercial Loan Agreement (PDF)

#6:Articles of Organization (Limited Liability Company) (PDF)
Tip Sheet #5: Incorporating Your Business (PDF) - Understanding what articles of incorporation really mean when registering a company in the U.S.
Tip Sheet #4: Socially Responsible Business Plan Competitions Summary (PDF) - Entering competitions to improve & promote social innovation efforts.

Tip Sheet #3: NGO Board Member & Professional Volunteer Recruitment (PDF) - Finding suitable human resources for your good causes.

Additional ideas from our October 2012 Social Enterprise Alliance presentation.

Tip Sheet #2: Twitter 101 (PDF) - This 2 pager is an introduction to Twitter, offering tips to leverage Tweeting to promote & increase exposure for NGOs.

Tip Sheet #1: Google Adwords 101 (PDF) - This 2 pager introduces Google's advertising program and teaches non-profits how to leverage to market on Google.
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