Microfinance: Social Impact & Social Return

New Financial Ratios for Microfinance Reporting (PDF) - Feature article in the December MicroBanking Bulletin, discussing the industry-wide effort to identify and implement financial reporting standards for microfinance institutions.
Debt Investment as a Tool For Value Transfer in Biodiversity Conservation(PDF) and Strategies (PDF) - This paper proposes the development of a new approach to environmental conservation by rewarding local environmental land protection in poor communities through access to credit and affordable financial services. 
USAID ARIES Afghanistan - SME Development Workshop Report (PDF) - Social Enterprise Associates, working in conjunction with the Academy for Educational Development, has prepared this summary of a recent workshop in Kabul, Afghanistan.
Conservation Letters (LINK) - Co-authored with James T. Mandel and Dr. Josh Donlan, et. al. of Advanced Conservation Strategies. This paper proposes the development of a new approach to poverty alleviation and environmental conservation, joining the two by rewarding local environmental land protection in poor communities as collateral for access to credit and affordable financial services.
To Serve Millions, Not Hundreds (PDF) - Powerpoint presentation originally developed for ECDC Enterprise Development Group (EDG) of a model for U.S. microfinance to address scale in making a meaningful impact in the lives of low income people and immigrant populations.
Washington Post article 12/11/06 (PDF) - Drew Tulchin was interviewed on U.S. microfinance in his role as Director of Enterprise Development Group (EDG)
Orientation to Microfinance: MFI 101 (PDF) – Social Enterprise Associates introduction to this topic.
SEEP Progress Note #12, Social Return on Investment and Microfinance (PDF) - Co-authored with Didier Thys and Chandni Ohri.  Information on social return on investment (SROI) and its value for the microfinance industry and microfinance managers.
Measuring Social Return for the Microfinance Industry & Microcredit with Education Programs (PDF, PowerPoint or Web Page) – Paper won 2nd place at BYU''s Center for MicroEnterprise Call for Papers, March, 2004, on microfinance and the double bottom line, measured through credit with education programs.
Measuring Investment: A First Step in Social Return for Microfinance (Powerpoint) - Presentation on Social Return on Investment for Microfinance, given at the SEEP Network Conference, October, 2003, in conjunction with additional work done for the Mix Market,
Impact Analysis and Social Return on Investment (SROI) in Microfinance (PDF) – Chapter on social return from Prisma Microfinance''s business plan (co-authored) that won an award from the Global Social Venture Competition.
Microfinance as a Sustainable Tool in Urban Poverty Alleviation, Research Outline (PDF) - Research Agenda and Project Outline for the role microfinance has in development - how national actors and international donors can maximize its positive impacts.
Materials for an Introduction to Microfinance: Microfinance 101(PDF) is a  presentation explaining how to get involved with microfinance through Social Enterprise Associates. Eleven Suggestions to work in microfinance(PDF) gives step-by-step advice to individuals interested in getting a job in the microfinance sector.
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