Social Enterprise Associates announces our blog partnership with ShoreBank

April 30, 2010

Social Enterprise Associates announces our blog partnership with ShoreBank

Social Enterprise Associates and ShoreBank have teamed up to share blog content. Beginning in May, select write-ups will be cross-posted on and

ShoreBank "invests in people and their communities to create economic equity and a healthy environment" by operating banks, offering consulting services, and establishing mission-driven non-profit organizations.

ShoreBank promotes triple bottom line solutions, as Social Enterprise Associates does. This tri-fold approach emphasizes people, planet, profit: "building wealth for all in economically integrated communities, promoting environmental health and operating profitably." 

We hope our readers appreciate the additional posts and insights courtesy of Shorebank, and to new readers joining us via Shorebank's blog, welcome! Please explore the site and don't hesitate to contact us:

-The Social Enterprise Associates Team


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By Sarah

April 27, 2010

Sarah Ewing, ShoreBank's Online Channel ManagerIs travel for tourism a human right? Although we might question this recent argument by the EU for subsidizing travel for low-income citizens, I agree with one reason behind its proposal – that travel for tourism can have positive economic, community, and environmental benefits, especially for small towns and local businesses. The more people who can travel, the greater than impact! But, I also think there is quicker low-cost way to responsibly increase access to travel. That way: a staycation to a low- or moderate-income neighborhood.

According to Wikipedia, “a ‘staycation’ is a period of time in which an individual or family stays at home and relaxes or takes day trips from their home to area attractions.” Many amazing things to see and do are nestled in low- or moderate-income neighborhoods. For example, in Chicago, you can take in jazz at the Sunset Café in Bronzeville, the Pullman Historic District in Pullman, or golf at the South Shore Cultural Center. Or, in San Francisco, you can check out the murals in Balmy Alley in the Mission, music at the Great American Music Hall in the Tenderloin, or watch the World Cup at The Pig & Whistle in Western Addition. If you look for it, almost every low- to moderate-income neighborhood has something great to see or do.

Travel for Social ResponsibilityNot only are staycations fun, but they can also be far less costly, both financially and environmentally, than a traditional vacation. The American Automobile Association determined the average North American vacation would cost $244/day for two people for just lodging and meals. That doesn’t include travel and carbon output. Can you imagine the economic and environmental impact we could create if we spent the same amount of money in low- to moderate-income communities without flying there? Our reallocated tourism dollars might help create the same support in our city’s neighborhoods that the EU is trying to stimulate.

Many people want to make socially responsible actions, but get inundated by the plethora of options. A staycation is one step that everyone can take. Try it!



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