Health Program in the Congo

Mike and Nancy Haninger were appointed in June 2000 to Christian Medical Institute of the Kasai (IMCK) and the Good Shepherd Hospital in Tshikaji. They serve in partnership with the Presbyterian Church of the Congo. Mike's primary role as a physician is educating nursing and medical students. Nancy carries out direct patient care and educates village health workers.

We want to share with you an experience that happened last week.  This past month, Mike has operated 12 ladies with obstetric fistula.  To date, all are doing will with successful repairs.  The ladies undergoing these surgeries must have catheter drainage of their bladders for at least two weeks after the repair and, so, we do get to know one another and the ladies develop quite a sisterhood in their wardroom. 

One day, a Monday, it was planned to remove the catheter from a lady who was 14 days out from surgery with no leak.  After testing to insure that the fistula was definitely closed, Mike removed the catheter and after our patient got down from the exam table she danced back to the wardroom where all of the ladies were singing with her, celebrating together. 

That Wednesday, it was planned to remove another catheter so Mike brought our digital camera with video capability and filmed the ladies celebration when he returned to the room.  This is the spontaneous thank you from these ladies to you for making it possible for them to return to a life without shame and to be reunited with their families and friends as a whole person.  Without your gifts, this would never be possible.

The ladies thank you and we thank you,

Mike and Nancy

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