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October 2010 / Issue 19

In The News & Publications

Does your organization or project need capital to thrive? Our company will help your effort raise the money it needs. Our efforts have already raised over $100M for socially motivated entities. Learn about our capital advisory services HERE.

Have a passion for international social enterprise?  Then you’ll want to dive into our 10 freshly penned blogs which take you on a journey around the world.  It’s a dose of insight you won’t get anywhere else!  CLICK HERE to view more.

Social enterprise business competitions for the 2010-2011 year are getting under way. CLCK HERE for our recommendations.

Client Highlights

New Mexico Native Green Loan Fund: Helping Confluence Philanthropy structure a loan fund to enable tribal community development projects with green efforts in New Mexico.

RDC Redi: For RDC REDI, Social Enterprise Associates is engaged in a value-added agriculture cluster study in Northern New Mexico. As part of this study, we would like to invite local stakeholders to comment on recommendations. For more information, please contact drew@socialenterprise.net.

SEEP Value Initiative: Partnering with Intellecap to collect and select social enterprise profiles to promote business sustainability and scale-up, and have the selected stories published by Beyond Profit. See the winners: CLICK HERE.

Taxi Excel: Working with the first microfranchise taxi company in Lima, Peru to raise money for expansion. The taxi ownership by drivers enables them to make profits, lift their lives out of poverty, and create environmental benefits. For more information check out www.taxiexcel.com.

Recent Conferences and Presentations

Our online library of free publications spreads knowledge gained through our projects:

Measuring Impact for International Social Enterprise (PDF): Presentation by Drew Tulchin for the Global Social Enterpriseship Competition (GSEC) at the University of Washington (Seattle).

Social Capital Markets 2010 (LINK): Drew also spoke on the panel “Avoiding Headline Risk: Transparency in Financing Development, Investment Returns & Interest Rates” at this year’s SOCAP 10 in San Francisco, CA, a conference bringing together public and private players to evaluate ways in which they can partner to create social capital.

Coolest Thing We've Seen Lately

Purchase candles made by women entrepreneurs in Iraq from Prosperity Candle; pre-order now for holiday gifts! Your purchase will help reduce poverty and create jobs in the developing world.

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In the News
Client Highlights
Recent Conferences

Coolest Thing


Upcoming Conferences & Training

Net Impact National Conference
10/27-29 Ann Arbor, MI
Two presentations on operational and implementation challenges of international social enterprises and the future of social entrepreneurship.

SEEP Network Annual Conference
11/1-5 Arlington, VA
Panel on understanding social investors and practitioner training on sustainability and scale-up in enterprise development.

Game Time

Play Wheel of (Mis)fortune to test your familiarity with international development.


Welcome onboard new employee Sunny Yi-Han Lin & Thanks to Interns Cristina Roman and Andres Lafe for their great work! Learn more about our team HERE.

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